Promote Your Site

When it comes to promoting your site, it all depends on your budget and how fast you want to see the first results.

With CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns you can expect quite fast results, but it will cost you more. Keywords related to dating are usually expensive. However if you start a niche dating site, you might find keywords which are cheaper.

Another way to promote your dating site is to submit it to different directories. Depending on your budget you can choose paid or free directories. With paid submissions your site will be listed above free listings in a category, and your listing will usually be approved much faster.

When submitting to directories choose a title which contains some of the words in your domain name. This way the keywords will become more relevant for search engines in connection with your site, and if you have a niche dating site your site might score quite high for those keywords in search engine algorithms. Try to change both the title and your description if you submit to very many directories. Search engines like variation.

Directory submission can give you a more regular traffic to your site, than CPC campaigns. With CPC campaigns the traffic stops when your campaign is over, while you can get traffic from directories for years.

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