Domain Name

Starting your own dating website takes time and hard work. So, if you are going to invest time and maybe money in a dating business why not promote your own domain name instead of an affiliate link?

It's true that the best domain names are already taken. However if you go for a niche dating site you can still find good names. A niche dating site makes your members feel they belong to a special community, making your dating site more attractive. Choose two-three words which are representative for your niche and combine them to make an easy to remember domain name.

A long domain name is more difficult to remember, but if you choose your two-three words domain name wisely, it can be associated with something your users like and thus make it easier to remember. Moreover, if you submit your site to directories, people who find your site there will just click on your link without having to remember a long domain name and type it in their browser.

After all it doesn't really matter if your domain name is a little bit longer as long it is easy to remember, so there are still good chances to find a good domain name.

If you afford it, you can also consider buying an old domain name. Many users bookmark their favourite sites in their browser, so with an old domain name you can get some free traffic without having to run any advertising campaign.

The domain name itself can be a valuable asset if you promote it hard and it gets a high page rank in search engines. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should register and promote your own domain name instead of promoting an affiliate link.

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