Start a Dating Site

If you want to start a dating site you have three options:

1. Get a dating script. You can find some good dating scripts, both free and paid.

2. Affiliate with a dating site, and promote your affiliate link.

3. Partner with a white label dating site.

If you choose the first option you will keep 100 % of the revenue generated by your members and you can register and promote your own domain name. However the biggest problem you will face is the lack of members. It will take you very long time and maybe cost you a lot of money to advertise your site and get members. Not to mention that you will have to pay for hosting and provide support to your members.

With the second option, you sign up as an affiliate to an established dating site and get an affiliate link which you have to promote in order to get new members. You get a % of the revenue generated by your members (usually 50 %). With this option you get less money per member, but the established dating site will take care of hosting, support and all payments.

In my opinion, the last option is best because you can get the best of two worlds. You register your own domain name, and partner with a white label dating site. This way you can take advantage of a huge database of members which makes your site more attractive, and you promote your own domain name instead of an affiliate link. Your % of the revenue generated by your members can be as high as 65 % at Dating Factory.

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