An online dating website is a great way for webmasters to earn an extra income online, and at the same time help people get in contact with each other. People are social beings and they will always want to meet and hookup with other people. The online dating industry is based on this simple truth, and will therefor always be in demand. That's the human nature and it will never change.

According to the last reports, the dating industry has become a $2 billion industry, and many analysts are expecting it to grow even more the next five years. With the increase of Internet penetration and consumers using the Internet more than ever before, demand for online dating services is higher than ever.

To enter this business one can choose between starting a dating site from scratch, affiliating with a dating site, or partner with a white label dating provider like Dating Factory. Each option has its own pros and cons, and webmasters can chose one depending on how much money, time and work they want to invest in this business.

An online dating business can easily be run from home, so the costs to enter this business are very low, making it a best choice for many webmasters. All you need is a computer with Internet access. Other costs usually imply buying a domain name, web hosting and promoting your dating site.

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